The purpose of this website is to build a community of culture designers.

Throughout history, civilizations have risen and collapsed in a haphazard manner. It simply wasn’t possible to grasp the full complexity of social dynamics to guide the flow of ideas, shape the evolution of societal institutions, and accelerate the spread of technological innovations. In the late 20th Century, our civilization reached a truly global scale for the first time in history. And now we must confront the interconnected web of nonlinear systems that comprise planet and people.
The potential impact of a rigorous approach to cultural change is difficult to overstate. Humanity needs a science of intentional change. And now it is possible to create one, just when the urgency has reached its highest pitch.

Map the Knowledge Landscape

Provide book reviews on the topics that make up the field of culture design. Create a resource library that is easy to navigate on this website.
This serves three purposes:
(1) Maps out the conceptual landscape of existing knowledge;
(2) Builds up a set of learning resources for culture designers;
(3) Connects research, strategy, and design efforts in a growing network of culture design practitioners around the world.

Weave A Network of Practitioners

Reach out to culture designers in all fields of practice. Work with this community in the spirit of open collaboration to lay the foundations for achieving this mission.
This involves the following:
(1) Reach out to the researchers whose work is highlighted in the learning center;
(2) Grow the community of practice around this vision through collaborative projects;
(3) Connect key practitioners with each other through high-impact activities.

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